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Health Check Up

"Health Check Up Basic"

Bookable from/until

01.01. - 31.12.2019
  • October 2019
  • November 2019
  • Dezember 2019
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  • 3 nights including our St. Wolfgang wellness services,
  • a vital present upon arrival
  • three bottles of water in your hotel room daily,
  • half board and
  • a medical check up including the following: detailed medical history and physical examination, determination of all medically relevant values for prevention, physician consultation, resting ECG, exercise ECG, heart, abdomen and thyroid ultrasounds, examination of the cerebral vessels, laboratory testing including blood analysis (liver, kidney, complete blood count, thyroid values, Haemoccult test, urinalysis), pulmonary function test, comprehensive orthopaedic examination, final consultation and final report

Single rooms

All prices per personBookable from / to03.01. - 31.12.2019
3 nights
half board
1 person, ca. 24 m² € 1342,50

Double rooms

All prices per personBookable from / to03.01. - 31.12.2019
3 nights
half board
1-2 persons, ca. 30 m²per person€ 1342,50
How is your health?

It's a question that is often brushed under the carpet because of the next important deadline in today's professional world. But health is a cornerstone of your professional success! Even before recognizing the onset of symptoms when changes in your body may have a negative impact on your health, something worse can be prevented in many cases.

High blood pressure or a metabolic condition is not painful in the first stages of the disease. If these processes are diagnosed early, however, modern medicine makes it is possible to helpfully intervene!

Allow yourself to get a comprehensive health check up on a regular basis! Rushing from one doctor to another and wasting valuable time in the process is a thing of the past - at Klinik St. Wolfgang, you can get all your check ups in one location! Medical examinations and tests are performed and evaluated by a highly specialised team of doctors, physical therapists and fitness professionals. We take our time on you!

At the end of all examinations, there is a detailed discussion between the patient and health care provider to explain all results. If necessary, you will receive extensive recommendations for treatment options. We will also provide you with individualised information about nutrition, stress prevention or physical activities that can help you.

Manager Check Up

Team play according to size

We would be happy to create a company check up that suits your employees. We would plan the most useful services and issues requiring special care together with you. Upon request, a team package may also be combined with other offers at our facility. One example would be Nordic walking as a group.