Internal Medicine & Cardiology

Medical Director
Dr. med. Petra Heizmann

Head Physician of Internal Medicine and Cardiology

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Phone +49 8532 980 104
Fax +49 8532 980 688
Dr. med. univ. Martin Roth

Senior Physician of Internal Medicine - Specialist in Internal Medicine - Emergency Medicine - Nutritional Medicine

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Phone +49 8532 980 104
Fax +49 8532 980 688

Acute inpatient care:

We offer medical treatment for acute health conditions affecting the heart, circulation and blood vessels or other internal organs and diseases (such as diabetes) comparable to that of a large hospital but in the distinct atmosphere of a five star hotel. Medical expertise based on the most recent information combined with the latest technology allows for swift diagnosis and treatment.

The "intermediate care" concept involving comprehensive monitoring enables the supervision and treatment of severe disease progression.


Medical care and rehabilitation are often needed following a previous hospital stay for a heart attack or heart surgery, for example, (heart valve replacement, bypass surgery, etc.) or surgery on large vessels. This is especially the case following organ transplants (heart, lung, liver) and other conditions.

Check ups:

For this purpose, we would like to share our special offer with you.


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Our Specialties & Disorders

  • cardiology: posttreatment following acute cardiac conditions ( heart attack, heart failure) and surgery (stent implantation, bypass surgery, heart valve replacement, pacemaker implant)
  • postoperative follow up especially following cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery
  • preparation of preoperative care and follow up after a heart, lung, kidney, or liver transplant
  • angiology: post-treatment following acute diseases, arterial and venous system surgery as well as nonoperative treatment of all chronic diseases of the peripheral arterial and venous system
  • nephrology
  • gastroenterology, post-surgery conditions on the gastrointestinal tract
  • metabolic conditions: dyslipidemia, adiposity, diabetes mellitus
  • tumour follow up
  • rheumatic spectrum disorders
  • chronic inflammation including respiratory conditions

All diagnostic methods are used regularly over the course of treatment to achieve optimal treatment measures based on the patient's individual performance level. Of course, physical therapists, athletic instructors and nursing staff are involved in the treatment regimen.

That requires an individual patient-oriented treatment. This approach allows for a high degree of effectiveness and maximum supervision options.


Private Practice Dr. Petra Heizmann, MD
Internal Medicine & Cardiology

Additionally to the diagnostics you can use several therapeutic services:

  • individual training treatment adapted to the cardiological test results
  • anticoagulation treatment (aspirin, heparin, coumadin, INR, quick value self-determination
  • optimisation of high pressure treatment
  • adaptation of antiarrhythmic medication, the option of rhythm monitoring in intermediate care
  • adjustment of medication for: dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus, hyperuricemia
  • setting up and monitoring immunosuppressive treatment
  • treatment of chronic infections
  • diagnostic and therapeutic punctures
  • dietary advice
  • psychological counselling

acute inpatient stay

In addition, the "Intermediate Care" unit features complete supervision and treatment of chronic disease processes.

To register, please contact the head of outpatient clinic Julia Frankenberger, by dialling her direct line: +49 8532/980 104 or send an email to .

Follow Up Treatment

Internal Medicine & Cardiology

  • posttreatment following acute cardiac conditions (heart attack, heart failure) and surgery (stent implantation, bypass surgery, heart valve replacement, pacemaker implant)
  • postoperative care following cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery
  • condition following heart, lung, kidney, or liver transplant
  • condition following a gastrointestinal tract operation


  • condition following prostate carcinoma
  • condition following bladder carcinoma
  • male impotence especially following surgery
  • treatment of postoperative urinary incontinence in men & women
  • posttreatment of hormonal disorders


Registration & Information for Internal Medicine - Cardiology & Urology Follow Up Treatment 

Ms. Julia Frankenberger, Head of Outpatient Clinic

Tel.: 08532/ 980-104 


First class diagnosis and counselling in a five star atmosphere

Allow yourself to get a comprehensive health check up on a regular basis! Rushing from one doctor to another and wasting valuable time in the process is a thing of the past - at Klinik St. Wolfgang, you can get all your check ups in one location! Medical examinations and tests are performed and evaluated by a highly specialised team of doctors, physical therapists and fitness professionals. We take our time on you! At the end of all examinations, there is a detailed discussion between the patient and health care provider to explain all results. If necessary, you will receive extensive recommendations for treatment options. We will also provide you with individualised information about nutrition, stress prevention or physical activities that can help you.



Identification of individual performance:

  • bicycle or treadmill ergometry
  • spiroergometry
  • power (watts)/(m/second, or km/h)
  • heart rate (RR interval x heart rate)
  • blood pressure
  • lactate levels

Service Treatment Portfolio

New therapeutic approaches in the cardiology

Only in a few areas of medicine progresses are visible as in the cardiology. Examples are stent implantations in the coronary arteries, reconstruction oft he cardiac valve with a catheter or a new surgical technique in the heart surgery. Nevertheless these techniques invole risks of differing degrees depending on the body condition of the patient at the time of the surgical procedure. The question therefore is whether there are promising alternatives to the previously mentioned interventions.

Due to these innovative complex approaches risks are minimized, the health status is improved and with that surgeries can be avoided in many cases .However, if necessary, the conservative cardiology can create optimal conditions for it.

During the medical care in the private practice and respectively during an inpatient stay in the clinic we can realise these modern concepts individually for you.