Determination of bone mass

Bone density measurement

Osteodensitometry using DXA = dual x-ray absorptiometry. A German dual energy x-ray absorptiometry is a method of determining bone mass. The measurement is taken using x-rays in extremely low doses. As a result, the amount of bone mass is visible.

The lower the bone density, the higher the risk of bone fracture.

Area of application:

Suspicion of osteoporosis and full assessment of fracture risk.


Examination process:

After the patient has completed a risk of osteoporosis questionnaire, he/she lies down flat on the DXA machine examination table while the arm to be measured stretches above him/her. Measurements are usually taken of the hip, spine or entire body which takes three to five minutes to measure per body region.

The examination is conducted by our specially trained and certified radiographers.

The medical and osteological examination including medical history is performed by Dr Morasch.


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