Scrubs, body packs & spa treatments

Body treatments

Experience a wonderful journey into the world of wellbeing with our wide range of body treatments tailored to your needs.

You can book your selected massages with Ms. Weidinger, our Beauty & Spa Manager.

Kein Eintrag
Polynesia - Exotic journey of your senses

Exotic beauty ritual for relaxation

Take an exotic relaxing trip of the senses to the islands of Polynesia and pamper yourself. Enjoy the traditional beauty secrets with all your senses and discover the treasures of the Polynesian islands.

Body scrub, Polynesian Mahana Massage and final care


 Duration: ca. 90 min. € 120,-
Indocéane - Charm of the orient

An oriental journey to your inner calmness

Let you get abducted and enjoy the ease of mind and the relaxing power of the orient. Betake yourself to a delightful expedition. Body and soul are back in harmony again and you feel relaxed and regenerated.

Body peeling, relaxing massage and body pack

 Duration: ca. 110 min. € 139,-

Body Scrubs

Enjoy a full-body peeling of your choice at the beginning of your beauty program. It makes your skin silky smooth and more receptive for subsequent treatments. All scrubs are applied with a gentle massage.

Sea Salt-Sugar-Scrub
This soft-melting peeling with Mediterranean oils envelops the body gently and leaves a silky smooth skin.
 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 39,-
Scrub Flash
The peeling ritual for a radiantly beautiful, soft and firm skin. Enjoy three different scrubs which are applied with soothing massaging movements and leave your skin in a new gloss shine. The skin regains its luminosity and looks smooth and silky soft.
 Duration: ca. 50 min. € 72,-

Body Packs

Enjoy one of our care packs after a peeling or baths. You will be wrapped in soft fleece so that the valuable ingredients are able to develop.

Body pack „velvet and silk”
The extraordinary cream pack with valuable oils for dry and dehydrated skin. This intensive pack regenerates also very dry skin.
 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 39,-
Cream pack with rice oil
The delicate, silky pack with the adorable scent of jasmine, sandalwood and white musk for flattering soft skin.
 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 39,-