Let yourself be pampered

Wellness massages

Massages and wellness guarantee muscle relaxation and pure recreation!

The Wellness and Beauty Department of Hotel St. Wolfgang in Bad Griesbach offers aromatic oil massage, 

hot stone massage, anti stress massage and sound bowl massage for feelings of exotic wellness in Lower Bavaria.

You can book your selected massages with Ms. Weidinger, our Beauty & Spa Manager.

Kein Eintrag
Indocéane – Oriental massage

Forget stress and tensions.

A sensual composition out of essential oils makes you feel completely relaxed and filled with energy.

 Duration: ca. 50 min. € 75,-
Mahana massage

The Polynesian massage is a great pleasure for body and spirit.

Wrapped in the smell of exotic scents of the Tiaré-blossom, tensions dissolve leaving a deep sense of relaxation.

 Duration: ca. 50 min. € 75,-
Vital Back Massage
Relaxing and vitalizing back and neck massage with scented oils and valuable essences. Enlivens the senses and cares for the skin.
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 35,-
Aroma Oil Massage
Smooth and gentle wellness massage with warm, scented aroma oils for a harmonious body sensation. Release, dream and be pampered precious. Choose your favourite scent!
 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 49,-
 Duration: ca. 50 min. € 69,-
Hot Stone-Massage

The force of hot stones

Treat your body with sensual care-elements and feel the smooth, hot lava stones on your skin. The muscles are loosened up and you feel completely relaxed. Enjoy a warm and calming massage with valuable oils.

 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 79,-
Raindrop Technique
The Raindrop technique unites the art of aroma therapy with the traditional rituals of the Lakota Indians. It provides a gentle possibility to dissolve tensions, promote detoxifications processes and support the body to come back in balance.
 Duration: ca. 70 min. € 110,-
Lomi Lomi Nui
The Hawaiian temple massage is an old ritual of the Hawaiian Kahunas. Tensions and blockades are dissolved. This creates space to strike out into a new direction. An unforgettable experience.
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 85,-
 Duration: ca. 90 min. € 120,-
A gentle energy massage, which has a profound effect on all levels. The massage helps to dissolve stress in deeper layers. Your vitality improves.
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 80,-
 Duration: ca. 90 min. € 112,-
Sound Massage
The sound massage provides the possibility in the state of deep relaxation to go inside and discover yourself new. The vibrations of the singing bowls mobilize selfhealing powers and liberate creative energies.
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 80,-
Biodynamic Detoxifying Massage
The gentle massage with finest plants with herbal oils activates the metabolism of internal organs. The body is stimulated to excrete toxins and slags.
incl. 20 mins rest periodDuration: ca. 80 min. € 85,-
A centuries-old healing and relaxation method for refilling new vital energy The unlimited energy flows in a concentrated form through the hands of the therapists. Reiki brings you back into balance and strengthens your spirit and body.
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 80,-
 Duration: ca. 90 min. € 112,-