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Supporting programmes

The conference hotel St. Wolfgang in Bad Griesbach offers you variable supporting programmes and diverse team events in summer and winter for your planned company outing or seminar:  

Or send your supporting programme questions/requests to your conference hotel St. Wolfgang in Bad Griesbach, Lower Bavaria to the following email address for assistance: c.schauberger@asklepios.com 

We look forward to meeting you and promise you'll be a satisfied and enthusiastic customer or employee!

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 Below is a list of all up-to-date supporting programmes:

  • guided experience city tours of royal imperial trails in Passau
  • brewery and Monastery tour at the nearby Aldersbach monastery
  • archery with Robin Hood in Eden forest including a 3D animal parkour
  • rafting team training
  • moonlight hike or torchlight hike
  • daytime hike featuring culture & nature
  • romantic horse drawn carriage rides
  • hot air balloon rides in the Bad Griesbach balloon harbor
  • guided mountain bike tours through the Rottal
  • recreational boating & water skiing on the Danube near Obernzell
  • a team event at the high ropes climbing course
  • fascinating go karting in Rotthalmünster
  • scenic boat tour in the three river city of Passau
  • day trips to Schärding, Linz, Vienna & Salzburg
  • a river fun paddling tour in a canoe
  • golf tournaments and intensive golf intro sessions at Hartl Golf Resort in Bad Griesbach
  • low-key grill and barbecue nights on our sun terrace
  • rustic medieval banquet at a count's castle near Ortenburg
  • wine tasting stations in our restaurant

Prices available upon request.

Here are a few suggestions we'll set aside for you in our Christmas bag of tricks:

  • snowshoeing tours with a GPS and a hearty traditional casserole in the Bavarian forest
  • torchlight hiking through the winter forest with mulled wine and herbal tea
  • curling with mulled wine, herbal tea and loads of fun!
  • guided experience city tours of royal imperial trails in Passau
  • brewery and monastery tour at the nearby Aldersbach monastery
  • visit the Christmas market in front of the old Passau cathedral
  • wintry archery and 3D parkour
  • medieval banquet at a real count's castle
  • daytime hike featuring culture & nature
  • winter hike & high wire parkour
  • adventurous and romantic horse drawn carriage rides
  • fondue evening with lots of goodies
  • Rottal Percht dance – local tradition (frightening alpine Christmas character)
  • winter orientation rally
  • winter fun Olympics

May only be reserved in combination with at least one night's stay at Hotel St. Wolfgang. Only for groups of ten or more. Situated in the historic vaults of Schloss Ortenburg. Majestically overlooking Wolfachtal some 15 km from Bad Griesbach in Passau high above the picturesque Schloss Ortenburg market once sat the powerful Counts of Ortenburg.     

In the old, historic vaulted cellars of the castle lies the Schlosskeller Restaurant which is lovingly run by the Braumandl family. It is a very special experience indeed to dine behind walls which are three meters deep and to feel the charm of 900 year old masonry.

Should you linger until midnight when the vaults begin to creak and groan, it could well be that whispering voices from the past penetrate the walls for you to recall on the ride home. Don't pass up this unique opportunity – then as now, it makes for an unforgettable experience.

Especially appropriate for Christmas celebrations, St. Nicholas parties, company events, company outings and particularly as a supporting programme for conferences in Lower Bavaria. 

From May 1st until October 31st from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm daily, we would be happy to arrange a castle tour. Open to the public, the museum offers 14 rooms, the finest wooden Renaissance ceiling in Germany, a magnificently renovated courtyard, a torture chamber, old handicraft tools, peasant furniture and deep wells (55 m).

Group rate: € 2 per person            

Tour duration: 1 hour 

The medieval banquet at Schloss Ortenburg, near Passau includes the following: 

Upon arrival: tasty cider regal mead
stone baked bread from a rural bakery served with onion apple lard 
hearty cooked soup served in a bowl for slurping
grilled poultry and pork, "damsel" bread dumplings served with yellow carrots and cabbage, betony roots served with a spicy mustard sauce and twisted betony root tips
 belly fillers (fruit & pastry)         

Aside from the beverage upon arrival, no other beverages are included!

Medieval banquet prices in Lower Bavaria including one overnight stay and an extensive breakfast buffet in hotel St. Wolfgang in Bad Griesbach

Single room:      147,50 € per person
Double room:     142,50 € per person

Round-trip transportation in a comfortable coach

(Hotel St. Wolfgang - Schloss Ortenburg - Hotel St. Wolfgang)

19 seater bus:

150,- €

24 seater bus:

200,- €

35 seater bus:

250,- €

50 seater bus:

300,- €

65 seater bus:

350,- €