Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

Dr Frank Rösken, MD

The team of doctors in Klink and Hotel St. Wolfgang has again expanded: with the addition of Dr Frank Rösken, MD, St. Wolfgang can now claim an expert in Aesthetic Medicine and surgery at the Asklepios Klinik in Bad Griesbach.

"Medical Beauty" is the key phrase for a specialty aimed toward increased attractiveness, wellbeing and a related positive attitude toward life. Whether it be a wrinkle treatment, fat reduction, or plastic surgery of the face, breast or body, Dr Rösken takes his time for a personal and individual consultation. "With the latest treatment options, it is possible to highlight someone's natural attractive features without changing the person," stated the seasoned expert. With "CoolSculpting," the latest, most innovative, natural and nonsurgical fat reduction method, it is now possible to get rid of those annoying and stubborn rolls and love handles, for example.

Dr Frank Rösken has been working at the Asklepios Klinik since 2012 while also continuing his work at the Munich Medical Spa, "Die Ästheten." For more information, please contact the Beauty & Wellness Manager at St. Wolfgang, Andrea Weidinger, at +49 8532 /980 610.

Dr. med. Frank Rösken

Medical Beauty Expert
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist 


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