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Wrinkle Treatment

Wouldn't you like to look as young as you feel?

Our customised wrinkle treatments can help you!

Our Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Dr Frank Rösken, MD can offer you a wide range of modern approaches to wrinkle injections that will make your skin appear more fresh, smooth and supple.



Our methods of wrinkle treatment:

Anti-wrinkle injections using hyaluronic acid - Liquid Lifting

Anti-wrinkle injections using hyaluronic acid (an endogenous substance) smooth individual facial wrinkles. One special type is called liquid lifting which can fill in larger areas of facial skin.


Wrinkle Smoothing for Dramatic Wrinkles              
(e.g. crow's feet, forehead lines, frown lines)

When smoothing wrinkles, facial expression muscles are alleviated by targeted local reduction of muscle activity.


Medical Needling for Wrinkles
Microneedling or dermatitis acupuncture treats the skin with a kind of roller or stamp which is fully covered with very fine, short needles. The insertion into the top layer of skin stimulates the natural regeneration process which increases collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. The skin tightens and the wrinkles become smoother.
Thermage® for the superficial skin smoothing
With Thermage®, the deeper skin layer is heated using radio waves to stimulate natural collagen regeneration of the body which then reduces wrinkles on the face and body.