cryolopolysis treatment


The Coolsculpting methode is a nonsurgical method and suitable for people with small to moderate fat gatherings.

The Coolsculpting treatment is based on the principle of cryolopolysis. The procedure is based on the assumption that subcutaneous adipose tissue is damaged by targeted cooling, while the surrounding tissue is not affected.* The FDA-certified (FDA = Food and Drug Administration, a department of the American ministry of health) technology uses applicators that are placed on top of each treatment zone and aspirate fatty tissue underneath with light vacuum. Then the treatment zone with the underlying fat cells is cooled down in a pre-defined time frame with the aim of causing a fat cell death. In the following weeks and months the damaged fat cells should be broken down, excreted and reduced. Our specialists have been using cryolipolysis since 2011.

*The details of the mode of action require further research.


The treatment duration time is 60 minutes and it is very simple: You lie comfortably on a lounger and a special applicator cools the fat cells to be treated. During this time you can easily read, listen to music or just relax.

A certain treatment success cannot be guaranteed and depends on the individual conditions or can be influenced by them (physical requirements, exercise, diet change, etc.).

Let us create a tailor-made treatment plan for your individual needs and goals.



Areas of application of cryolipolysis 
(Fat reduction by cooling)

CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq helps to reduce fat cells on the following body regions and is used by our specialists:
  • waist
  • hip
  • belly
  • back
  • upper arms
  • inner thigh
  • saddle bags
  • male big breats (gynecomastia)