Internal Medicine & Cardiology


Your search for an expert in cardiology and internal medicine in lower Bavaria has led you to the private clinic St. Wolfgang in Bad Griesbach near Passau. With our head physician Dr. med. Petra Heizmann and her longtime team, you are always in the best hands. In the Department of Internal Medicine, patients are given both acute inpatient and rehabilitation, e.g. after surgical and invasive cardiological procedures medically supported and competently advised.

Even if you do not need an acute inpatient stay in our private specialist clinic for internal medicine and cardiology near Passau, you can still have an appointment for the outpatient consultation with Dr. Petra Heizmann to be agreed.

Marianne Huber from the Chief Physician Secretariat will find the optimal time in a joint discussion with you.

Furthermore, our private clinic is recommended for follow-up treatments (AHB) after a previous inpatient stay in the hospital.

Our expert team is, among others, specialized in the after-treatment after acute cardiac diseases. For example, you would be in the right place with an AHB after myocardial infarction or heart failure and interventions such as stent implantation, bypass surgery, heart valve replacement, pacemaker implantation in our Asklepios Klinik St. Wolfgang in Bad Griesbach.