Specialized in sports medicine


The clinic and hotel St. Wolfgang is known for years of experience and specialization in orthopedics for sports medicine in Passau / Lower Bavaria.

As a result, the prestigious St. Wolfgang Hospital in Passau / Bavaria has been able to establish a leading position in the treatment of joint diseases and sports injuries in Bavaria over the past years.

The patient is at the center of our activities in the sports clinic specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine. We take our patients as an individual personality with all their needs to meet the personal requirements.

The operating procedures used in our sports clinic in Passau are based on the latest international medical knowledge. Only the best surgical techniques are used as standard procedures and are subject to our continuous scientific quality control.

The sports clinic St. Wolfgang near Passau / Lower Bavaria is your first stop for orthopedics and sports medicine. We offer you the best medical and therapeutic treatment and care – no matter if you’re an athlete and non-athlete!

If you are affected by orthopedic discomfort, sports injuries or chronic pain, our specialized doctors are there for you. The sports clinic St. Wolfgang in Lower Bavaria / Bavaria offers you innovative treatment methods which you can always trust.

In the St. Wolfgang Clinic near Passau / Lower Bavaria, we are continually updating our sports medicine and orthopedic expertise to the latest state of research. After all, it is about your agility and quality of life - whether you are a hobby- or top sportsman!