Medical Director

Dr Petra Heizmann, MD

Examples are patients with cardiovascular diseases such as state after heart attacks or heart surgery (bypass or heart valve replacement), metabolic diseases, in particular diabetes (diabetes mellitus), those with malignant diseases or after transplantation of organs (liver, lung, heart). Together with the team of physiotherapists detailed plans for building individual physical performance have been developed and implemented in the therapy.

Today prevention of diseases and an early diagnosis, eg. of an unnoticed hypertension (high blood pressure) or diabetes are crucial components of a healthy and long life. For this reason comprehensive check-ups are offered that are adapted to the individual medical needs. Comprehensive advice on the basis of the collected parameters is - if necessary - the basis for lifestyle changes in order to obtain the state of health into old age. Turning to patients, a comprehensive diagnosis and the resulting individual customized therapy is crucial for Mrs. Dr. Heizmann!

Medical Director
Dr. med. Petra Heizmann

Head Physician of Internal Medicine and Cardiology

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