Sanitarium Regimen

Rehabilitation Treatment

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The clinic St. Wolfgang combines during your rehabilitation treatment first class medical expertise and therapeutic care in an exclusive ambience of a 5 star hotel. With help of an individual rehabilitation program functional disorders and impairments can be removed or reduced as well as chronic pain gets less. The goal is to help you with the disease management and show you how to help yourself.

The integrated Klinik St. Wolfgang is a recognised private hospital in accordance with §30 of the Trade Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung) whose benefits may be subsidised under §6 or §7 (depending on the province).

Please note that missed meals cannot be reimbursed and are not transferable.

First we start with the recording conversation and the initial examination at the respective specialist (internal medicine, cardiology, orthopedics, sports medicine and urology). Then the treatment plan including physical examinations and physiotherapeutic applications is defined. During your rehabilitation treatment our physician intervenes to assess the rehabilitation process and to tailor the treatment program individually to your needs. Towards the end of your 3 week rehabilitation treatment the final discussion takes place as well as the final checkup. Here you receive instructions for at home and the dismissal report.

Accommodation must be paid for in full upon departure. You have the option of transferring 50% of the total cost in advance from your benefits office before beginning your treatment.The physician fee schedule is used in calculating medical, laboratory and technical services fee rates. Physical therapy services are calculated in accordance with benefit regulations and medicine is priced according to pharmaceutical retail values.