Follow Up Treatment

Inpatient follow up treatment aims to achieve the quickest and most complete health recovery and personal performance perfection from the start. The use of modern equipment and the separation of physiotherapy treatments into short segments throughout the day prevent overloading and ensure a smooth recovery period.

The medical measures are supported and supplemented by physiotherapy exercises on modern equipment and physiotherapeutic treatments by our sports instructors and physiotherapists.

Follow Up Treatment Indications:

Internal Medicine & Cardiology

  • posttreatment following acute cardiac conditions (heart attack, heart failure) and surgery (stent implantation, bypass surgery, heart valve replacement, pacemaker implant)
  • postoperative care following cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery
  • condition following heart, lung, kidney, or liver transplant
  • condition following a gastrointestinal tract operation




  • condition following prostate carcinoma
  • condition following bladder carcinoma
  • male impotence especially following surgery
  • treatment of postoperative urinary incontinence in men & women
  • posttreatment of hormonal disorders 


Registration and Information for Cardiovascular Medicine & Urology Follow Up Treatment

Ms. Julia Frankenberger
Tel.: 08532/ 980-104